Is it a Replica or the Original?
Introducing the Fine Art of Investing

Can you tell a replica from the original masterpiece?
Sometimes there is so much similarity.

When you search for an investment advisor, we hope you'll discover that the work we do at Lawson Kroeker looks a lot like the work of our original founders, Frank Lawson and Ken Kroeker.

What does that mean to your success?

Lawson Kroeker was founded on principles that are unique in the investing world. Frank and Ken believed that fewer clients meant more focused portfolios, built around companies they knew and understood and with a history of making money. They believed that seeking underutilized or underappreciated products and staying the course could create stronger success. We believe, as they did, that taking time just to think about individual investment decisions is the best way to do business.

This mindset has been passed down from our founders as each advisor joins the team. If we are doing it right, you won’t find any differences in the quality and values of today’s Lawson Kroeker team compared to the original.

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